JCDCG^3 2019 Accepted Talks

Vadim Levit and Eugen Mandrescu. An Infinite Series of Counterexamples to the Annihilation Number Conjecture
Bogdan Grechuk and Sittichoke Som-Am. A New Lower Bound for Minimal-Area Convex Cover for Closed Unit Arcs
Neil Mame and Realiza Mame. Some generator Subgraphs of the Square of a Cycle
Wannasiri Wannasit and Saad El-Zanati. On cyclic decompositions of the complete graph into the generalized Petersen graph
Shinya Fujita. Optimal proper connection of graphs (Extended abstract)
Hong-Bin Chen, Hung-Lin Fu and Jun-Yi Guo. Is every prime sum graph Hamiltonian?
David Flores-Peñaloza, Mikio Kano, Leonardo Martínez-Sandoval, David Orden, Javier Tejel, Csaba Toth, Jorge Urrutia and Birgit Vogtenhuber. Perfect rainbow polygons for colored point sets in the plane
Yiyang Jia, Jun Mitani and Ryuhei Uehara. Efficient Algorithm for 2 × n Map Folding with Diagonal Creases
Chao Yang. On the Algorithm and Complexity of Motion Planning Problem of a Forklift
Evangelos Kranakis. A Phase Transition Concerning the Boundedness of Orbits on a Pointset
Takashi Horiyama, Kazuhiro Kurita, Yoshio Okamoto, Kei Uchizawa and Ryuhei Uehara. Mind The Mind with Synchronous Clocks
Hugo A. Akitaya, Erik D. Demaine, David Eppstein, Tomohiro Tachi and Ryuhei Uehara. Minimal Ununfoldable Polyhedron
Michael Hoffmann, Malte Milatz, Yoshio Okamoto and Manuel Wettstein. An Improved Searching Algorithm on a Line by Four Truthful Robots and Two Byzantine Robots
Suhadi Wido Saputro. On open neighborhood locating-dominating set of Mycielski graphs
Long-Wei Chou, Shen-Guan Shih and Chih-Hung Yen. The Transformation between Polycubes and the Configurations of SL Blocks
Kiyoto Yoshino, Michitaka Furuya, Sho Kubota and Tetsuji Taniguchi. Minimal forbidden graphs for widely generalized line graphs
Kazuki Higashizono and Hiro Ito. Hyperfiniteness of hierarchical models for complex networks
Hiro Ito, Chie Nara, Izumi Shirahama and Mizuho Tomura. Strip flat folding with parallel oblique or orthogonal zigzag mountain-valley-assigned creases
Ryohei Miyadera, Mariko Kashiwagi, Masanori Fukui, Akira Murakami, Keito Tanemura, Itsuki Kitagawa, Kazuya Hiramatsu and Shintaro Kaiomto. Wythoff's Game with a Pass
Hsin-Hao Lai. Applications of Combinatorial Nullstellensatz in Additive Coloring of Halin Graphs
Kazuki Matsubara and Chie Nara. Note on continuous flattening of multilayer pyramidal faces inscribed inside a belt
Edilberto Jr. Cuaresma, Reginaldo Marcelo and Agnes Garciano. Forbidden triples on a finite set of 4-connected graphs
Jin-Ichi Itoh and Chie Nara. Continuous Flattening of the 2-Dimensional Skeleton of a Regular 24-cell
Yushi Nakaya, Mariko Kashiwagi, Michitada Hayashi, Sintarou Kaimoto, Ryoji Takano, Kazunari Mizuta and Nazuki Terakawa. Chocolate Games With an Upper Bound for the Number of Columns and Rows That Can Be Removed in a Turn
Jean-Claude Bermond, Takako Kodate and Joseph Yu. Gossiping with interference in radio chain networks (upper bound algorithms)
Kirati Sriamorn, Sira Sriswasdi and Supanut Chaidee. The Non-Existence of Convex Configuration for a Given Set of Radii in Two-Dimensional Space
Sualeh Asif, Erik D. Demaine, Jayson Lynch and Mihir Singhal. Tetris is NP-hard even with O(1) Columns
Joshua Ani, Sualeh Asif, Erik D. Demaine, Yevhenii Diomidov, Dylan Hendrickson, Jayson Lynch, Sarah Scheffler and Adam Suhl. PSPACE-completeness of Pulling Blocks to Reach a Goal
Go Kato and Shin-Ichi Minato. Enumerating associative magic squares of order 7
Seung Joon Lee, Sang Duk Yoon and Hee-Kap Ahn. Efficient Algorithms for Stacking Polytopes
Yuki Irie. Representations of Generalized Symmetric Groups and Sums of Welter's Game
Jose Enrico Tiongson and Jude Buot. Graph Compression Through Bridge Coalescence and Ear Decomposition
Jinhee Chun, Kenya Kikuchi and Takeshi Tokuyama. Consistent Digital Curved Rays
Bernardo Abrego, Silvia Fernandez-Merchant, Ana Paulina Figueroa, Juan Jose Montellano-Ballesteros and Eduardo Rivera-Campo. Crossings in twisted graphs
Asahi Takaoka. Linear-semiorders and their incomparability graphs
Jeffrey Bosboom, Charlotte Chen, Lily Chung, Spencer Compton, Michael Coulombe, Erik D. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine, Ivan Tadeu Ferreira Antunes Filho, Dylan Hendrickson, Adam Hesterberg, Calvin Hsu, William Hu, Oliver Korten, Zhezheng Luo and Lillian Zhang. Edge Matching with Inequalities, Triangles, Unknown Shape, and Two Players
Koki Suetsugu and Tomoaki Abuku. Delete Nim
Yasuhiko Takenaga, Xi Yang and Asuka Inada. Anti-Slide Placements of Pentominoes
Tomoaki Abuku. Vertex Nim on Cayley Graph
Yuichi Shirai, Hiroshi Fujiwara and Hiroaki Yamamoto. The Huffman Tree Problem with Linear Functions with Upper Bounds
Shen-Guan Shih. A grammatical approach to the analysis and operations of semi-interlocking constructions of SL blocks
Junyi Guo, Chao Yang and Hsiang-Chun Hsu. One-question-card Version of the Hamming Code Mathemagic
François Bonnet. Analyzing Novem, a Two-Player Multi-Stage Simultaneous Game
Jumpei Gohara and Akifumi Sako. Connection of Two Bread Graphs
Mikio Kano, Evangelos Kranakis, Toshinori Sakai and Jorge Urrutia. Maximum Overlaps of Folded Triangles and Quadrilaterals
Mark Anthony Tolentino, Agnes Garciano, Reginaldo Marcelo and Mari-Jo Ruiz. Sigma Coloring and Edge Deletions
Yoshiaki Takahashi and Akira Ito. Colored Finite Automata and de Bruijn Graphs
Tomoko Adachi. Critical sets of a magic cube
Nanao Kita. Constructive Characterization of Critical Bidirected Graphs
Robert Barish and Akira Suyama. Randomized Reductions and the Topology of Conjectured Classes of Uniquely Hamiltonian Graphs
Takashi Horiyama, Tomohiro Tachi and Asao Tokolo. Another Representation of Rhombus Tilings
Shiela Mae Pacardo and Helen Rara. Connected Interior Domination in Graphs and Some Realization Problems
Aaron Williams. Dr. Mario Puzzle Generation: Theory, Practice, and History (Famicom/NES)
Yasuko Matsui, Noriyoshi Sukegawa and Ping Zhan. On the diameter of bisubmodular polyhedra
Jose Balanza-Martinez, David Caballero, Angel Cantu, Timothy Gomez, Austin Luchsinger, Robert Schweller and Tim Wylie. Relocation with Uniform External Control in Limited Directions
Bernardo Abrego and Silvia Fernandez. On the convex crossing number
Elena Arseneva, Stefan Langerman and Boris Zolotov. A complete list of all convex shapes made by gluing regular pentagons
Elena Arseneva, John Iacono, Grigorios Koumoutsos, Stefan Langerman and Boris Zolotov. Sublinear Explicit incremental planar Voronoi diagrams
Ikuro Sato and Jin Akiyama. Gene of Wythoffian polytopes belong to D/E finite reflection groups
Jin Akiyama and Kiyoko Matsunaga. How to fold a long Conway tile into either an isotetrahedron or a rectangular dihedron